2017-03-18 - 2017-04-30

Limitless Landscapes

It was only 500 years ago that landscape paintings became a new form of western artwork. In other words, the landscape painting is the first proof of liberation and progressiveness in human civilization.Nowadays, “landscape paintings” continue to arouse specific stereotypes today. People tend to think of landscape paintings as depictions of mountains and rivers, grass, and trees, or various natural phenomena such as thunders and lightning, tornados, clouds, rain, or fogs, and different traces of human activity, such as paths and architecture. This categorization spread to Taiwan and still used today, proof of landscape painting, which has transformed into a typed form, seeping into the art education in Taiwan and stiffening the concept through systematic art education.

The concept behind “Limitless Landscapes” is to present the “landscape painting,” this classic and precious painting category that was originally limitless and filled with charming quality but has gradually become stiff and lacking in imagination. This exhibition is a declaration and attempt of revitalization and extension. 

The word “limitless” was inspired by extreme sports. As we all know, extreme sports refer to a group of dangerous sports activities that require skills and physical strength. The “extreme” in extreme sports is linked to the concept of limitations. Therefore, my own interpretation of the word “limitless” extends to the borders of possibility: re-extending, re-exploring, repeatedly trying and developing all possibilities. 

This may not be a logical or trendy title, but it is a theme with rich meaning and forever deserves investigation, classic and contemporary at the same time. This opening exhibition curated for Art Influence and the seven participating artists elaborate the multivariate creative interpretations of “landscape” in contemporary Taiwanese art.