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This is a place where art is tangible and welcome for everyone. "ART-Influence" is an exhibition space under the Influence Team.
The Chairman, Wellington Pan, spurred by his love of art, established the art galleries "Wellington Collections" and "ART-Influence".

The Wellington Collections exhibition space is mainly designed for elegant and mature presentation.
The gallery periodically invites artists for personal exhibitions. Meanwhile, "ART-Influence" aims to cultivate young artists with potential.
It is a creative space full of vitality and energy.

The founding mission of "ART-Influence" is to cultivate young artists in Taiwan, providing a creative space for them to realize their dreams.
Therefore, the art space holds an open attitude to all types of art styles and mediums.
Unlike the traditional gallery business model, in addition to exhibition space entities, we also work as an agent to
arrange online exhibitions and sales platforms for international artists and artworks, integrating art with e-commence.

We hope to promote, appreciate and collect artworks without the boundaries of time and space.
It is our hope to provide this platform for the artists to fully present themselves, realize their concepts and ideas and expose them to the audience.
Art aficionados can appreciate and enjoy artworks here in this space.
This is a place where art is tangible and welcome for everyone. We hope to gather all art lovers here in this warm place to share creativity and build dreams together.

Wellington Gallery

Art should be visible everywhere, it should be culture. Wellington Gallery is a renowned art gallery under Influence Team. Chairman, Wellington Pan, spurred by his love of art and desire to share it with the people, has collected many artworks over the years. Wellington Collections was thus established, not only to serve as an exhibition space, but also to promote the essence of fine art.

The collection currently comprises mostly of artwork by new and renowned Taiwanese artists, including Huang Kuang-Nan, Liu Kuo-Sung, Chu Teh-Chun, Zheng Leigh-Wen, Chang Yi-Hsiung, Wang Ren-Jye, Paco Uong, and Yang Chi-Hung. Many of the ink paintings are outstanding, such asthe intense colour contrast skilled use by Huang Kuang-Nan’s abstract artwork, combining oriental aesthetics with modern concepts. Liu Kuo-Sung’s combination of the sun and moon with mountains and rivers has a lingering charm that creates a dream-like radiance. While oil paintings outnumbered the rest, each painting has its unique characteristic. Zheng Leigh-Wen’s paintings are filled with thin lines. These lines are delicate yet powerful, capturing the essence of the nature. Wang Ren-Jye’s abstract style reads like poetry, while Paco Uong’s impressionistic style visualises each and every gleam of light in Taiwan’s nightscape. Yang Chi-Hung uses acrylic paint to create artworks that give a sense of time, space, and speed. We also have renowned artist Chang Yi-Hsiung, who’s known for series of clowns and Paris streetscapes from which reflect his extraordinary life experiences. Chu Teh-Chun’s lithograph artworks are also numerous, containing copious colours flowing freely like water. All of these artworks will be put on display at different times in the gallery. Hence, visitors will be able to appreciate different artworks with each visit.

In addition to regular permanent exhibitions, the gallery also invites outstanding artists for solo exhibitions. Furthermore, we organise seminars and other activities where we invite expert speakers from the arts and academic sectors. All events are free and receive enthusiastic responses from participants.

Wellington Collections

Wellington Collections

Our Origins

It all started with a successful entrepreneur with a childhood similar to Tom Sawyer and a fondness for exploring the subtleties of the natural world. In order to fulfill a childhood dream, he set out on an adventurous and romantic journey of art collecting.

From meteorites from space to coral from the deep sea, every piece has a special story and reason behind being collected. The contents of each museum are rich and varied with pieces added one by one according to their unique attributes, allowing audiences to repeatedly be amazed by superlative craftsmanship. The Wellington Collections art gallery was also established to give Taipei’s streetscape a more literary and artistic atmosphere, with static paintings showing a dynamic beauty.

Everything in the universe has a time course. The moment something disappears, it always wants to leave something behind. Every piece collected in our museum is the record of a moment. Let us experience the collector's legendary journey!

Influence Group

Influence Group is a designer and manufacturer of bathroom products. Its founder, Director Pan, says that Influence manufactures bathroom accessories for the likes of Disney and Warner. Its main export market is Europe and America. Furthermore, fifty percent of all bathroom products around the world are designed and manufactured by Influence.

Influence's subsidiary companies stretch over many industries such as real estate and wineries. Because of Director Pan's love for the natural sciences, he traveled the world for many years and spent his wealth on collecting natural fossils, mineral gems and paintings. Two years ago, Pan had the idea of opening a museum so that we can all experience the same joy that he has.